Company culture

Only organizations that consistently involve employees in decision-making and design processes can harness their potential for the entire company. Our mission is to support the organization on its way to a trusting corporate culture.


Continuous Delivery and DevOps Culture

The implementation of Continuous Delivery and DevOps culture enables companies to deliver software releases with higher quality, lower risk and less pain to the end customer. pingworks supports companies in the concrete implementation.


How we work

Assessments and Workshops

pingworks supports organizations in building a collaboration culture and cross-team collaboration through assessments and workshops (e.g. qualitative interviews, heat maps, technical hands-on workshops, retrospectives, value stream maps).

Trainings, Mentoring and Coaching

pingworks helps companies to build self-organized teams and supports them with training, mentoring and coaching.

Technical advice and support

pingworks accompanies companies on their way to low-friction software releases with the introduction of Continuous Delivery and DevOps culture through hands-on workshops or teamwork.