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Oktober 2022


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Methods and contents

The participants learn in a practical way which changed requirements adaptive organizations place on leadership and can adapt their previous understanding of leadership.
They get to know and apply tried and tested methods to enable teams to work self-organised and independently and to promote the motivation of all team members.
You will receive concrete tools to design communication and conflict moderation solution- and resource-oriented.

Self-organization needs leadership. In times of rapidly changing markets and employees looking for meaningful activities, managers today expect completely different attitudes and methods than they did 10 years ago.
The further training addresses itself to enterprises, which want to give their high-level personnel the possibility of learning and/or of developing methods, techniques and an appropriate attitude, which are necessary for the successful guidance of self-organized teams and for the advancement of modern organization forms.

Understanding leadership in adaptive organizations

Organizations that want to adapt quickly to new external and internal requirements need a new type of leadership. Participants develop characteristics and organisational forms of adaptive organisations, values and attitudes to promote self-organisation, leadership as indirect leadership through the creation of frameworks and development opportunities.

The systemic mindset and the solution-focused work model

The participants develop a systemic view of everyday situations in the company and learn to adopt a questioning attitude. They learn solution-focused approaches in order to focus on the resources of the participants and on the desired solutions rather than on the problems, even in difficult situations.

Enabling self-organization and assumption of responsibility in teams

In this module, the participants get to know the prerequisites that leadership must create in order to enable self-organisation and the assumption of responsibility in teams. Tools for analysis and support will be presented and tested to cover different aspects of this topic.

Strengthening communication

Many problems in our daily work arise from misunderstandings and communication that does not work. In this module, the participants develop backgrounds and tools for the design of successful communication and the handling of conflicts.

Enabling competence development and learning

In this module, the participants develop a look at the diversity of human preferences and competencies. They develop methods to recognise these and promote their development. They learn the connections between motivation, enthusiasm and learning and can deduce how flow, creativity and innovation can be promoted at the workplace.

Self-management and self-direction

Those who want to lead other people need a high degree of self-reflection and clarity about their own attitude and patterns of action. In this module, the participants experience approaches to strengthening self-management and self-management.

Practice and Transfer

Each thematic module starts with a two-day classroom event in which the contents are developed in an action-oriented way: the presented contents are put into practice with exercises for self-reflection in role plays, case simulations and learning experiments. Between the modules the participants apply the learned contents in their professional practice and reflect their experiences in a transfer group.
If desired, individual mentoring or coaching can be used.


Thank you very much, dear Ute, Christoph and Alexander, for the best seminar I have ever had in my career!


This training really inspired me all along the line.

It helps me to further and further reduce the burden of responsibility and it is fun to bring my team forward in this way.

You are my tailwind!


Many thanks to the three of you! Each of you is special and gives this training a very special touch.

It's a perfect match, because you complement each other so well!

Anyway, you inspired me! Keep it up!


I would like to thank you very much for the great training.

I have been able to take so much with me and I am really sad that it is already over.

Keep up the good work, you are really great!


I've rarely had so much fun at an advanced training course. The nice conversations, the many laughs, the jokes, the feeling at home, the coffee, ....

Although it was work, it felt like vacation. At the end of the day I was pleasantly flat.

Many thanks to you three!


The Responsibility Process - has totally helped me in my private and professional life.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.


Thanks for the great training! Has always been fun.


Thank you three very much for an incredibly exciting year.

You have literally opened my eyes, and especially not only in my professional life!

You are great role models and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Many thanks for all the good input and the varied performance.

It helped a lot to think outside the box and to try out new ways.


Target Audience

Executives, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers in agile companies.


Alexander Birk, Christoph Lukas & Ute Nunnenmacher work as agile and systemic coaches with agile teams and executives.


Advanced Training - Leadership in agile Organizations

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