Alexander Birk

Christoph Lukas

Ute Nunnenmacher

Alexander Birk and Christoph Lukas have been working together under the name pingworks since 1998. Started with a focus on software development, the close and trusting cooperation with our customers has always been more important to us than strict contractual regulations of all possible eventualities. Agile software development was the logical extension of our own values and procedures.

With our ability to inspire people and proactively address conflicts in projects, we have for many years successfully supported agile teams and organizations in the role of ScrumMasters, mentors, coaches or process consultants.

Since 2015 we have been working together with Ute Nunnenmacher and support companies in complex transitions to more agility, employee orientation and innovation. We help to initiate the change process in a targeted way and accompany the change steps on all levels, from the management to the leadership team to the teams. For executives we offer an extensive further training for leadership in agile organizations.

In larger projects we work in a network of experts: